Why Use Cloud Data Backup

If your server suddenly crashed and ALL your data was erased, how long would it take before your business was back up and running as usual?

We all agree backup is critical to our business. But your staff are getting sick of the impost and responsibility. Now there is a guaranteed better way?

laptop disaster backupAs a small business, you value your data enormously.
Just like any commercial organisation, you have documents, financial, email and operational records to protect. What makes you different from a larger business is the extra pressure on expenses and the need to convert every penny earned into productivity or profits. A natural consequence of this is fewer internal staff to provide operational support, less available IT skills, and smaller discretionary budgets.

You are similar though, to a large commercial enterprise in your need to maximise your income and operational efficiency. You cannot afford to be disrupted by system downtime nor lose income as a result of lost data. If you don't back up your critical business information, a disaster could strike at any time, causing you to lose all or most of it. Ignoring that possibility, or forever putting off action, is not the responsible way to run a business. Once you have lost your critical information...it's too late to back it up!

If you don't back up your data regularly, or use tapes or CD’s, now is the time to change your ways. Having an up-to-date copy of your data kept outside your office could potentially save your organisation from havoc caused by a computer virus, power surge, theft, fire, flood or other calamity.

Now is the time to get a free cloud backup trial of Solid Data Storage - a fully managed backup solution where your data is stored in Australia and you get peace of mind.

online backup australiaOnline Backup beats other backups hands down
It often amazes me the number of firms who do their data backups in a way that is either not done at all, only kept in the office, or to some type of physical device that they take home or to some other place. Regardless of the confirmed unreliability of tapes, these methods are still common in lots of locations. What we are also noticing all the time now is external or USB hard disk drives getting used for backups. Some firms are pretty regimented about taking them out of the office every day (or more typically weekly) and sometimes even rotating them. For firms that would go out of business without their data (which is pretty much everyone), that is like taking part in Russian Roulette; it’s simply a matter of time.

With cloud-backup, every night, you leave your computer running so the software can do all the work. On schedule, the software will ‘wake up’, find any changed data, then uses your Internet connection to connect to our secure server, based in Canberra ACT. Once the server has checked to make sure your computer is valid, the software transfers the scrambled and compressed copies to Solid servers.

If you ever have the misfortune of having a disaster or an incident that leaves the information on your computers inaccessible, all you will need to do is tell your software to get your information back, and the software does the rest. If at any time you need help then the Solid Data team is a phone call away.

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What Clients Say:

“With Solid Data we get peace of mind because they have our data when we need it. We have data that is critical to the running of our business so we cannot afford to lose it”

- Joy Nicholls. Financial Controller, React - Your Local Rehab Provider